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The intelligent safe power management platform adopts the Internet of Things technology, and uses big data analysis and mining to solve the power safety problem in smart cities.

1、Project name: Tianjin TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital Power Safety Internet of Things Monitoring Project

2、Project address: Tianjin, China

3、Project overview

The intelligent safe power management platform adopts the Internet of Things technology, and uses big data analysis and mining to solve the power safety problem in smart cities. The system is configured with current transformer, residual current transformer, temperature sensor, intelligent power safety sensing terminal and other acquisition equipment covering the functions of electrical fire monitoring detector; Real time monitoring of electrical safety data and upload it to the supervision cloud platform, and continuous data tracking and statistical prediction of the main factors that cause electrical fires (cable temperature, voltage, current, leakage current). Real time detection of safety hazards (such as abnormal cable temperature, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, leakage, etc.) of electrical lines and electrical equipment, and timely sending early warning information to safety management personnel for troubleshooting, To eliminate potential electrical fire hazards, achieve the goal of preventing from "burning", truly achieve smart and safe electricity use, and promote the construction and harmonious development of smart cities.

4、 Project scope

  • Collect power safety data for the power distribution of inpatient department, outpatient department, emergency department and other departments of the project, and realize online monitoring and dynamic analysis functions;

  • The system platform adopts B/S architecture, accesses the power safety monitoring data, provides data monitoring and abnormal alarm through browser, mobile phone APP or SMS, and can timely push relevant operation and maintenance personnel through the system to quickly discover and deal with power safety problems and improve the scientific management level.

5、 Main system functions

  • Data query

  • Status Query

  • Remote meter reading
  • Alarm Statistics

6、 Benefit analysis

6.1 Necessity of construction

 Mandatory requirements of national policies and regulations

  •  "Four abilities" of fire safety: (Article 1) Check the ability to eliminate potential fire hazards.
  • Notice of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China (GX [2016] No. 411) on Printing and Distributing the 2017 Key Points of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security: Accelerating the promotion and application of scientific research achievements such as fire early warning systems and electrical fire monitoring systems.
  • Provisions of the State Administration of Work Safety on "Five Implementations and Five Fulfillments" of the Enterprise Work Safety Responsibility System (AJZB [2015] No. 27: The enterprise bears the main responsibility for work safety).
  • National and local policies. According to the relevant requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the safety supervision and fire protection departments in all provinces and cities across the country accelerated the pace of "smart fire protection" construction, truly solved the deficiencies in the prevention of various fire safety accidents and the investigation of hidden dangers, further promoted the construction of a comprehensive management system for the prevention and control of safety accidents, such as the "security service cloud", and promoted the use of a smart electricity safety hidden danger supervision and service system.
Rigid requirements for building safety
  • Electrical fire and electrical safety accidents caused by electrical factors have remained high, causing huge losses to people's lives and property, and are one of the main factors affecting the stability of fire situation and safety in production. On the basis of civil air defense and system defense, it is necessary to change to technical defense, use advanced technology, products and professional services to conduct all-weather real-time monitoring and control of electrical lines, prevent lines and electrical equipment from operating with faults and abnormalities, and eliminate electrical fire and electrical safety accidents by eliminating electrical safety hazards.
  • The 2014 report on electrical fires by the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security: more than 40000 electrical fires occur every year, 125 occur every day on average, and four people die every day due to electrical fires; Electrical fires account for more than 30% of overall fires and more than 60% of major fire accidents.
  • Statistical data of the State Administration of Work Safety in 2014: in recent 20 years, the ratio of electricity consumption to electric shock deaths in China is less than 2x10 ⁸ kwh/person. The safety level of electricity use is about 1/25 of that of developed countries, far behind the developed countries.
  • Data of the National Power System in 2014: at present, China's power quality is poor, the power efficiency of users is low, and there are endless potential safety hazards; Power waste is serious. Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau has calculated that if everyone saves 1 kilowatt hour of electricity every day in Shenzhen alone, Shenzhen can save more than 5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year, which is enough for Wenchuan to use for 50 years.

6.2 System efficacy

  • Energy Saving 

Eliminate leakage fault, save electric energy and charge, and reduce loss; The system cost can be recovered in 3-5 years.

  • Protection equipment

Avoid equipment operation with faults, reduce equipment loss rate and improve equipment efficiency.

  • Monitoring hidden danger

Accurately monitor the working current, leakage current, temperature and other changes of the line all day long.

  • Fire prevention and disaster reduction

Prevent electrical fire and electrical safety accidents.

6.3 Good comprehensive benefits

1. The most advanced protection system is configured to avoid electrical fire and electrical safety accidents; It can protect the personal safety and property safety of personnel.

2. Provide effective protection for electric equipment; Avoid major economic losses caused by burning electrical equipment due to electrical failure; Reduce equipment loss and improve equipment efficiency.

3. It can effectively save the electric energy cost and avoid the cost of energy consumption and waste of electric energy caused by leakage.

4. Actively cooperated with the safety production work, and eliminated the electrical fire and electrical safety accidents in the bud; This shows that the leadership attaches great importance to the safety production and the elimination of electrical safety hazards, reducing the pressure of fire prevention responsibility.

5. Actively responding to the national will of security development, cooperating with the timely implementation of national policies and regulations, reflects the leadership's overall view, sense of social responsibility and professionalism.

6. Consolidate and enhance the brand and image of the construction party, drive and promote the benign development of management, and bring good reputation and wider recognition.